XVision Reviews

Security cameras are technical safety tools that help not only prevent an emergency or warn you about it. These utilities are rather universal and can be used for different purposes: for spying on people, tracking what others do, and video recording. Some people are even using them for live streaming and broadcasting the video to the World Wide Web.

No surprise that such cameras are well-deservedly popular today. However, finding the optimal solution is not easy taking into account rather specific issues. You must understand the technical characteristics of the device in order to select the equipment that best meets your requirements. Thus, the camera for should differ from a device used for video surveillance.

XVision Equipment

The company X-Vision is one of the worldwide-known manufacturers of video equipment. The company is officially registered in the UK and specializes in the production and promotion of video surveillance systems. It is XVision who was one of the founders of the global market.

In early 2009, the company began to produce X-Vision DVRs, which quickly gained popularity all over the world and are still at the top of the best products. Creating innovative video recorders, the company strives for maximum quality, high performance, and optimal prices. Combining all this, you will get the products of DVRs X-Vision.

X-vision cooperates with almost all leading factories and manufacturers in Europe and America. When being created, the DVR X-vision device goes through the full path of customization – from software writing to design packaging.

Adhering to European standards, all products are tested at the development stage, which excludes the possibility of non-quality goods from the company entering the market. One of the greatest features of  X-vision is full-service user support, both software and firmware regular upgrade – all aimed at improving the performance of the device.

Some of the main technical characteristics that are worth paying attention to before buying such a device are the following ones:

  • The number of pixels or video resolution. A modern camera can provide excellent quality of detailing small objects with a resolution of 2 megapixels and above;
  • Photosensitivity shows how well the camera “behaves” in the dark without any additional light sources. A value of 0.01 lux and lower will be optimal. But even this characteristic can be ignored if the camera is equipped with infrared light. In this case, even in complete darkness, you will receive a high-quality, but black and white image;
  • Lens – There is an analogy with camera lenses – fixes usually have high sensitivity to zoom in on an image; for example, you can’t manage to bring some object closer. At the same time, varifocal lenses allow you to zoom in and out of objects but have a smaller aperture.

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