Voyeurism: The Boundaries Between Legal and Illegal

Kinks have existed for as long as sex itself. Some people are completely satisfied with vanilla routine but others constantly try to spice things up. Voyeurism is a popular kink that many enjoy but few admit to. It has a pretty bad reputation, making voyeurs feel self-conscious and unwilling to share their tastes. How did that happen? Better yet, are there ways in which voyeurs can satisfy their needs without actually hurting someone and breaking the law?

Aurora Motel Story

A huge scandal occurred back in 2016, when Gerald Foos, an ex-owner of Colorado Aurora motel, revealed that he had been spying on his quests for decades before he finally decided to share his story with one of the journalists. Foos made the ceiling in the rooms in a way so everything the guests did inside was visible. He watched them along with his wife, sometimes even having sex at the moment the guests were doing it.

Sadly, such stories aren’t novel. Foos managed to spy on his guests for decades and he never got caught — he wasn’t interested in filming what he saw and sharing it, for example. He was a simple voyeur who broke the law in his desire to peer into the life of others. Others go further, destroying people’s privacy and even sharing it with the world at times. That’s why voyeurs have a bad reputation. In our days, everything isn’t so bad, though.

Life Under Cam Types of Shows

To meet the needs of voyeurs without hurting anyone, free private voyeur types of the show appeared. They feature couples who live in a specific apartment with numerous hidden cameras that film every their action. You can watch them have sex, cook, bathe, sleep, and argue whenever you want. Some shows require a fee for a subscription, and consequently, their quality is somewhat higher. One of the great voyeuristic shows is Life Under Cam that can be accessed here https://lifeundercam.com/. You pick the couple, the room you’d like to watch, and wait to see what they’re up to. So, how come these shows are legal?

  •         All couples signed an agreement. They willingly move to cameras-filled apartments because they’re curious and want to diversify their life;
  •         Only those above 18 can watch them, which creates a certain level of control;
  •         Participants’ identities are protected and they’re free to leave when they want.

As you can see, there are lots of chances for voyeurs to succumb to their desires without breaking laws and horrifying people they watch. Special shows follow the same format but the difference is, their participants agreed to be filmed. At the same time, they get used to cameras quickly and relax, acting authentically. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.