The Story Behind The World’s First BBW Cam House by Platinum Puzzy

There are many real-life sex streaming platforms today; each boasts unique features and claim to be one-of-the-kind. It might be so for some channels. However, those who are not aware of the whole history of the business should know about the world’s first BBW cam house being run many years ago.

History of Real-Life Cam House

People are today arguing on what sex channel is the best, but far from everyone know how it all started and what was the first project of this kind.  Although the many platforms is the main leaders of the industry, it all started from a different channel, with its own features and content.

Before the live voyeur, there was BBW cam house, whose main idea was to expand the boundaries of the conception of sex and porn. Run by Platinum Puzzy, the project as really revolutionary, and many people were not even ready for such content. Thus, the army of fans has formed quite quickly, which leads to the development of the entire industry.

The State of Sex Streaming Video

It is hardly possible to find a person who has never search or heard about real-life cam sex streaming. This says a lot about the popularity of this type of video content. And there is no surprise in it. Differently, from traditional porn, sex lifestreaming is highly interactive and creates a feeling of a watcher participating in the happening.

The fact that many sex channels are equipped with chats where you can communicate with the ones doing dirty things even strengthens the feeling that you are closely involved in the process. That’s really nice, agree?

Another good thing about modern sex streaming channels is that you can select from a wide variety of content, girls, men, and couples. So once you get bored spying on the same girl every day, you can switch to a different babe or even a channel. Believe us – there are many options you can check online.

What’s make real-life sex streaming so interesting?

  • your partial participation in the sexual happening;
  • varied content;
  • many girls/ couples/ men;
  • the chat option;
  • free availability of content;
  • the possibility of online communication with the person;
  • you can guide a girl/ man/ couple on what to do (be the sexual driver);
  • you can switch the channel one you are bored.

If you have never watched real-life sex streaming, you should check it out right now. We are more than sure that having tried just once, you will become a regular visitor of such platforms. And there is absolutely nothing bad in it. Make your life even more emotional and exciting with real life cam porn videos.